Email Alert

Saving Searches & Creating Email Alerts?in PubMed

  1. Register for an account

To use My NCBI, you must register for an account – look for the My NCBI box?in the bottom left?corner of My NCBI at website

2.Sign in

3.Search with your interest key word (you can use limits), for example maize, and then click the Save Search button at the top.

4.Would you like to receive e-mail updates of new search results?—make a choice. I prefer to Yes, every day.

Choose the Maximum number of items to send, 200.

6.Click save. If there is anyupdate, the system will automatically send an alert notification by e-mail.

Creating Email Alerts?in the plant cell

1.Click ETOCs at the left column.

2.Sign up

3.Input your email at the bottom box, and then click “Subscribe” to create your eTOCs.

  1. Make your choice by clicking the check boxes below.I prefer Full and Advance Online.

5.Click Submit.